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    The Wastelands BBS got it's start back in 1990. We began with an old IBM PC 5150, Spitfire BBS Software, and a 2400 baud modem. The PC had an 8088 processor and ran at a "whopping" 4.77mhz and had 256k of base memory. Needless to say..... not enough memory! I managed to purchase a memory card from a local computer repair shop and topped out at 640k! Next was the storage! The PC only had 2 51/4 floppy drives. I purchased an 80meg hard drive with IDE adapter card and we were off!       

    Eventually I discovered Wildcat! software and purchased Wildcat! 3.0. After re-working the system and joining FidoNet, I was up and running again! Later I Beta tested Wildcat! 4.xx for Mustang Software and became the first BBS in Fresno, CA. with a 14.4 modem. I was still pushing my old IBM PC to it's limit! As time went by I was able to upgrade to a 368, 486, and finally Pentium. I also upgraded to Wildcat! 5.xx and moved to Madera, CA. Eventually the calls became fewer and fewer an I shut the BBS down in 1998.

    The Wastelands BBS was reborn in 2000 in Modesto, CA. I tinkered with Wildcat! 5 and WINServer for a couple of years. We then moved to Copperopolis, CA. and I set back up with Synchronet, a Domain, static IP, and here we are!

    The BBS "scene" is not like it used to be in it's "heyday" but it's nice to keep the legacy going. I'm back up and not going anywhere's anytime soon! So join me on a trip down memory lane or experience how it used to be, before The InterNet was widely available.


Donald Price -=SysOp=-





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